Kitchen Renovation Tips: Why Update your Countertops?

When you ask any home renovators what kind of look they want for the kitchen, elegant and trendy are the words that you will hear. Surface areas, including counter tops, influence to a large degree the appearance of a cooking area. That is why elegant stylish looking counter tops remain in need. There are in fact numerous house renovators who are developing and making their own counter tops. One way to include a modern-day highlight to a traditional counter top is to produce beveled wood edges for your counter top. Beveled edges on wood are reasonably simple to make and there are other advantages also.

The diagonal wood edge countertop is most easily added throughout the replacement of an existing laminated countertop area. You can also opt to modify your present counter top by adding a beveled wood edge; but a lot of house owners discover as soon as they start preparing a kitchen area makeover, a brand new counter top is a need to have. Given the right tools and products practically any one can remodel a laminate counter top with a sophisticated beveled wood edge. It is a task that can even be finished in just a few hours.

When looking for products for this task, make sure your new edge wood matches the wood in other features of the room, such as cabinets, if they are unpainted. If the majority of the kitchen is or will be painted, bring a paint chip and ensure the color of the wood is one that will be harmonious with the room as a whole.

For making the bevel in your wood edge strips, the finest tool is a compound sliding miter saw. If you don’t own one, you can rent one, or alternately, have the store where you purchased the wood size and bevel it for you.

A nice extra to having actually upgraded cooking area decoration details like this is that it is your diagonal wood edge counter top most likely will raise the value of your home. It may not significantly go up in cost, but it is the small details that homebuyers appreciate, and property agents prefer to explain such countertop styles when revealing a the home of prospective purchasers. It is all the little details added up that make the sell.

Once you have actually discovered how to effectively add a beveled edge to your cooking area counter tops, you can also aim to the bathroom and other spaces including integrated surface areas to further update your house.

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