Kitchen Countertop Materials: Comparison Shopping for your Renovation Project

I was helping my child having her cooking area renovated recently. She was having problems attempting to decide on a brand-new counter top product. Walking through the counters area in Home Depot gave her a few ideas, however she was still uncertain when the time came to pick a month later. I decided to write out a fast contrast of all the products and expenses for her when I was done I believed other individuals might discover it helpful as well, so here goes.

Most people recognize with laminate counter tops. (Formica is one trademark name.) They’re a thin surface of high-pressure laminate applied to a thicker base of plywood or particleboard. Pluses: The standby, offered in actually numerous patterns and colors, laminates are the least expensive (beside tile) and durable, needing less maintenance than tile. Minuses: Easy to scorch with hot cookware, the use of layers in their building makes it difficult to repair chips, show scratches, specifically lighter colors, so not functional as a cutting surface area. Less long lasting than natural stone or solid surface; usage with under mount sinks is not advised. Cost: $25 to $50 foot

Strong appearing, (brand names Corian, Fountainhead, Avonite and Surrell) a newer countertop material, is durable and imitates the look of natural stone materials like marble or granite. Cost: $60 to $110 per foot

Natural woods. Used in butcher-block style arrangement. Maple, oak and other woods, make durable and stylish countertops. Pluses: Good surface for cutting foods; scratches easily fixed by sanding; easy match with wood cabinets and floors. Minuses: Needs a finish to preserve appearance, may burn with hot pots and pans, allows bacterial growth, so requires routine cleaning. Not useful for entire counter top– helpful for small sections. Expense: $50 to $75 per foot.

Granite. Popular for their sophisticated and abundant look, natural stone countertops will last longer than the majority of kitchens. Pluses: Contributes to value of house, tough resilient surface area, extremely heat resistant. Minuses: very costly, needs care considering that it is porous and must be sealed periodically, grease will stain. Cost: 60 to $200 per foot for granite $60 to $130 per foot for marble (discolorations quickly and not advised for food prep countertop).

Ceramic or Porcelain Tile: This is the counter top product my child was changing. More heat resistant than laminates solid surface areas, affordable, unless you are believing about customized or hand-painted tiles. Expense: $10 to $25 per foot.

What counter top product did she choose in the end? For it’s reasonable cost and reparability, Corian got approval for the new cooking area. We discovered a color that was really near to a granite appearance and we also liked the ten year guarantee.

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